KOP: Medians and Linear Park

King of Prussia (KOP) a major retail and business hub in suburban Philadelphia is experiencing unprecedented smart growth and development. The KOP Business Improvement District (BID) views enhancement of the physical environment as an essential tool to support and encourage future growth. Ground Reconsidered has worked with KOP BID on several landscape improvement projects including the redesign of traffic medians and gateway locations on heavily traveled roads and the planning and design of a visionary linear park along an existing office building corridor.

The transformation of barren traffic islands into lushly planted medians brings year-round interest to these overlooked spaces, provides traffic calming and has resulted in reduced littering. The firm’s award winning design includes a plant palette tolerant of harsh, dry and seasonally salted conditions comprised of grasses, perennials, shrubs, groundcovers as well as trees, in limited locations. The new linear park will transform currently underutilized lawn areas in front of office buildings into a cohesive, continuous, active and picturesque amenity. The Park will serve as a catalyst for modernizing the entire corridor with a multi-use trail, horticulturally rich planting and programmed spaces.

  • King of Prussia Business Improvement District
  • King of Prussia, PA
  • 2011 - current