The Oval

Ground Reconsidered was commissioned by the Philadelphia Department of Parks & Recreation to transform an unsightly surface parking lot on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia’s premier boulevard, into “The Oval”, a temporary urban oasis programmed with activities and events for all ages. “The Beach at the Oval” as designed by Ground Reconsidered, was the initial “park on the parkway” and became the prototype for future pop-up installations on the site. The project was constructed on a rigorous schedule with an extremely limited budget; it debuted in mid-July 2013 and operated until September.

The armature the firm designed for the transformation of The Oval has proven to be highly successful. In subsequent seasons, the visual identity of the space has changed and its popularity has grown, The Oval has become the “summer signature space” on the Parkway.

  • Philadelphia Parks & Recreation
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • 2013