The Porch v1.0

One of Philadelphia’s first pop-up parks, The Porch v1.0 was imagined by Ground Reconsidered on a barren vacuous 50 by 565 ft. strip of concrete on the south side of Amtrak’s 30th Street Station. The University City District charged the firm with creating a flexible social space that could be designed and built quickly, meeting strict structural and budgetary constraints, while providing an innovative framework for future iterations that might develop over time.

Furnished with colorful movable tables and chairs and planters overflowing with color and texture, the Porch was an instant hit with commuters, passersby and office workers. Programmed events including yoga, mini-golf, concerts, farmers’ markets, and art installations provided a constant flow of activity on the site. As more funding has become available The Porch, now v2.0, has continued to evolve with new seating and lighting. Building on the vision and success of the initial design the Porch is now one of Philadelphia’s iconic treasured spaces. The firm received a PA/DE ASLA Merit Award for the design of this innovative project.

  • University City District
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • 2012